She had a stubborn mind, this one. Katerina Petrova smiled at the girl in front of her. Resisting compulsion. How extraordinary. Luckily, Katerina didn’t need to use compulsion to get a good meal. When she finished the girl up, and dropped her on the floor she made her way out the main entrance. The sun was shining outside and Katerina’s hand went without thinking to her daylightring, just to make sure it was still in place. For a 500 year old vampire she was very anxious. As she strolled down the street, something peculiar caught her eye. She saw the well known replica of herself. 

“Oh, darn it” she muttered and started running after the girl she loathed with all her heart. After all, Elena Gilbert was her nemesis. She realized that this was a hunt, and smiled a wicked smile. Elena Gilbert would regret ever coming to Santa Monica. “Game on” she said, a catchphrase she had adapated many centuries ago.


Elena strolled the streets of Santa Monica with a sly smirk on her lips. Now that her humanity has been shut off, she felt free. No longer did she have to follow everyone’s rules of being a little good vampire. With no conscience stopping her from doing the things she wanted; she compelled anyone who came her way and had her snacks however she wanted. Whether she drinked a few ounces of blood or drained their lives away. Although she preferred the latter, once in a while she would spare a life and made sure she left no signs that it was her messing around with peoples heads. With her slightly skimpy clothing and her hair layered in spunky waves she smiled at the cutie that smirked at her. He would make a good snack for the day, as she walked over to him she felt a pair of eyes watching her every move. Not knowing who it was she was careful to walk into a more stranded area and kept her supernatural senses on guard. When she heard that malicious voice speak, she used her vampire speed to flash into a deeper part of the woods. She was going to trap Katherine in the middle of nowhere and question what the hell, the she devil was doing in Santa Monica. She thought after that whole saving Stefan and Damon’s lives she had dissapeared out of her life for good. She guessed she was wrong, no matter she could handle herself now. Elena had gone against worse things than Katerina Petrova.